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What's Food Without FLAVAZ??!

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The DMV's premier catering service
and food extraordinaires
FLAVAZ Catering & Food Services

FLAVAZ Catering & Food Services, or FLAVAZ for short, was created to offer its guests an amazing journey through the many different types of culinary experiences.  Using only the freshest ingredients, our menu combines unique blends of global cooking techniques with traditional “soul food” home-style cooking. Our menu is constantly progressing, as we are not afraid to experiment with different flavors and culinary techniques. 


Meet The Owners!

This father and son team creates beautiful food with a combination of contemporary food ideas and traditional techniques. Chef Robinson Sr toutes 30 years of experience in the hospitality field. Working as an executive chef for more than two decades, Robinson Sr hasn't met a kitchen he couldn't command. Chef Robinson Jr takes those traditional techniques and brings exciting new sophistication to the foodie scene. Robinson Jr creates beautiful blends of different culinary techniques and skills to create never before imagined cuisine. The marriage of traditional and new invigorating food profiles is what makes this team one that's hard to pass on. This begs to the companies slogan, What's Food Without FLAVAZ?!!

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